Qingdao Laiya Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was formally established on December 19, 2014. It is a specialized handicraft production and processing enterprise.

Since the establishment of the company, the company has been learning from Toyota management model, and according to our actual situation to establish a professional organizational structure to ensure product quality and delivery time, to make high-quality products is the best interpretation of the spirit of Laiya.

The company has the end customers of famous Japanese and Korean companies. We have a young and dynamic design team, modest managers and experienced producers, most of whom have studied and studied in Japan, and have a keen insight into fashion. We strive to constantly challenge and innovate to create more and better jewelry to meet the needs of different levels of consumers.

  • Fashion retro ear clip Made of epoxy resin R&A
  • Wholesale Bracelet-4003
  • Hair accessories-1013
  • Bracelet-4003
  • Fashion Retro Ear Clip Made Of Epoxy Resin R&A
  • earrings-0002